January 28, 2011

Review: Womama Birthing Wrap - Part 1P


When Sarah at Kiwi Mummy Blogs put out a call for pregnant women to review the Womama Birthing Wrap, I was quick to put my hand up to do the job.  Why?? Because all through my pregnancy with Cam, I dreamed of owning such a lovely item of clothing.  I wanted to buy one, I really did, but Ian put his foot down {men!!} 

So I emailed Sarah back, and said I would be keen.  And yay for me, because I was choosen as one of two preggy mumma's to review the product.

If you don't know what the Womama Birthing Wrap is, head over to here and see for yourself what I am on about.

Right time for the review... this review will actually be in 3 parts - Pregnancy, Birth, and Post Baby... because as per the blurb on the website there is no limit to how you can use this beautiful wrap.

When my wrap arrived in the post at work, I was so excited I didn't even wait till I got home to open it, and the first thing I noticed was how lovely and soft the fabric was to touch.  It's hard to find garments that feel so nice to touch.  And then I just had to wait for the perfect opportunity to wear it...

Friday night came about, and we had a function at work, so that seemed perfect to me, I popped it on, with a lovely coloured top underneath and a pair of leggings, to make it suit the occasion, and boy oh boy the comments I got that night were awesome!! Here are just a couple out of about 10:
  • What a flattering piece of clothing, it really suits you
  • Where did you get that beautiful dress from?
I felt like a million dollars, which lets face it, it's hard to feel glam while pregnant...

The next time I wore this wrap was a few weeks ago at the caravan.  Now I've been struggling up at the caravan with the heat, and trying to find lovely items of clothing that are going to work for the summer sun, and the beach... YUP you guess it - the Womama Birthing Wrap fit the bill again... I popped it on in the morning, with my bikini underneath as I knew we would be going to the beach that day due to the temperature being 25oC at 10am!!  It was lovely and cool to wear, felt good against my skin, and made me feel like a normal person {not a beach whale unable to cope with the heat}  Some of the comments I recieved that day were:
  • Wow - that dress is awesome
  • You look great today
  • what a great wrap for the beach
  • stunning
The other time I have worn it so far, is on those hot summer nights... it's been a bit too hot to wear PJ's but sleeping in a caravan at the camping ground means you need something quick and easy beside the bed to throw on in the middle of night when you need to make that walk up to the ladies room {and being pregnant, meant that happened sometimes 2 or 3 or 4 times a night}

So as you can see, the Womama Birthing Wrap is an extremely versatile item of clothing... and I haven't even given birth yet :)

Thanks so much to Womama and Kiwi Mummy Blogs for this review opportunity.

Keep your eyes peeled in March/April for the Birthing review.

Oh and here is a picture - not a great one mind you, but a picture all the same:

34 weeks pregnant with a tummy bug

nuf said

January 27, 2011

A Week at Home

So the rain set in at the Caravan on Thursday night last week... and along with it came the gale force winds... Friday and Saturday were no better at all... after not sleeping at all on Saturday night due to the wind, I decided early Sunday Morning that we were heading home...

With the help of my parents, I packed up the caravan and awning, loaded all our gear {and what felt like hundreds of wet towels etc} and headed up...

And what do you know...? the rain stopped on Monday lunchtime haha always the way really... but what a lovely relaxing week I have had at home... I caught up on all the washing {for free}, sent Cam to daycare - where he moved from the under 2's to over 2's classroom, and chilled...

On tuesday, I took Paris to the movies, and we saw Tangled... What a great movie... and how lovely to spend some alone time with my darling daughter...

Wednesday, we had coffee at a friends place, and chilled some more...

Today - has been spend doing more washing {I swear, it never ends}, but again - It's relaxing...

I'm hoping to sort the study out today, as that is the room that has been most neglected since moving here, and still has boxes etc, left to unpack... I am wanting to set it up with the desk and computer for the kids homework, but also with the new babies cot, so thats one more thing out of the way...

January 25, 2011

Hedgehog Cake

Disclaimer:   Doesn't actually contain any cute, small, spiky animals

1 lb Super Wine Biscuits {or similar}
1/2 lb Butter
3/4 C Sugar
2 eggs
Chocolate to taste - I use approx half a packed of Pam's Buttons
Coconut to taste - I use approx 3/4 cup {can substitute with Marshmellows}


  • Melt Butter and Sugar in saucepan
  • Add beaten eggs
  • Add Chocolate
  • Heat like honey
  • Add crushed biscuits
  • Add Coconut
  • Place in lined slice tray
  • Refrigerate
  • Cut once cool

This is delicious and while I've only recently been given this recipe, it's fast becoming a favourite in my house.

January 21, 2011

Home Time....? Maybe....?

Well Ian went home from the caravan last night after being on holiday with me and the kids since the 10th January... so I'm once again here on my own...  Josh has gone to his mum's for the week, so it's just me, Paris and Cam...

And for the first time ever, in my 4 years of being at the caravan for 5 weeks at a time, I think I want to go home... I'm 33 weeks pregnant, hot, tired, bothered, and lonely... My mum is here, but she is absolutely no help to me what-so-ever... not once, has she looked after Cam so I can shower/cook/clean/nap... so today I will pack up Paris' tent, and move her into the awning, and start thinking about going home for a few days... Maybe I will head home on Tuesday...

My sister had to go home yesterday for work for two days {she has her own business}, so I'm waiting for her and  my niece to get back so I can enjoy a couple of days with them till I head home... I'll be back up for the long weekend coming up, but in all honestly, I'm sick of being up here on my own...

January 16, 2011

Couldn't resist sharing

This is Cam on Christmas Day - photo taken on my new camera... the joy of this photo, is that Cam never normally poses for pictures... in fact - if he sees you with the camera, he is straight at it, wanting to use it himself.

I won't post anymore pics till I am home in Auckland though, as it takes so long to upload pictures, and uses so much of my mobile broadband...

January 14, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

Summer is amazing... you just gotta love it :)

And I do... but the difference between this years summer and previous years summer is I am 32 weeks pregnant... and I'm feeling it!! the heat is imense - i've been told it's unusually hot this year anyway and even my non pregnant friends are suffering...

The kids are coping {just}... as long as we take them to the beach every afternoon... and on that note - the beach has been amazing!! The water has been unusually warm also, and you just walk right on in... no having to ease yourself in and work up to putting you head under water... it's blissful

Josh is having a friend come to stay for 3 nights {arriving today} so fingers crossed they behave themselves, cause the biggest thing I've noticed with this heat is my lack of tolerence...

January 12, 2011


I'm so sorry I've been a bit absent... I'm having so much at my caravan with my family and friends, that I honestly haven't had time to blog... I have a few ideas in my head {and part 1 of a 3part review} so will start jotting them down tonight...

I have some amazing pictures so far also {thanks heaps to my darling other half Ian for the new camera for x-mas :) }