July 25, 2012


I've been a bit absent from my blog... I've not gone far... I have a few posts up my sleeve, but I'm pretty busy...

see... we bought a house... yup, a house...eeeekkkkk

we settle on 17th August, and move on the 18th August... thats less that a month away... I have to pack... a whole house... 4 bedrooms and a toyroom... 4 kids and 2 adults... and I still have to go to work... still have to cook/clean/run around after kids... am still planning a wedding... AND I have a review or two to do also...

So... I wont be around too much in the next 3-5 weeks...

July 09, 2012

To do list - July

I've started to create little To Do Lists for each month.  Here is my July list

  • Scan all my pre-digital camera photo's onto the computer
  • Back up my computer
  • Start House Hunting
  • Buy a House {this could be moved onto the next month}
  • Sort through Axel's clothes and remove from his drawers, all that are now too small 
  • Set up the printers nicely in the corner of the toy room
  • Go through the toys, get rid of all the too small baby-ish for the boys toys
  • Sort through the nappy covers and throw out all the ones that no longer do the job properly
  • Decide what to do for Big kids joint 13th Birthday Party
  • Read the Fifty Shades Series
I think that's enough for one month, don't you

July 04, 2012

my latest creation

It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I love it... I know the recipient will too... The birthday party is at spookers so the cake fits the theme perfectly...