March 29, 2012

We've set the Date

We have wasted no time at all in setting a date for our Wedding... November 24th 2012 @ 2pm... on the beach, at our favourite summer spot - Ruakaka :)

It's so exciting planning a wedding... :)

ooohhh and I have sorted my dress :)

March 18, 2012

Party Planning...

look at these sprinkles I found for the cake tops

Aren't they just perfect for a Hungry Caterpillar Theme?

March 14, 2012

Party Planning...

You all know just how much I love Party Planning... it's so much fun... and exciting...

Planning for Axel's 1st birthday party is in full swing at the moment... ideas here, purchases there, I love it!

The invites are all made, thanks to the amazing Bronwyn from 1001 Book Reviews for Kids , she has an amazing talent for these things... don't you agree

March 12, 2012

ahhhh the memories

A year ago today I wrote this post...

See it was my Due Date, and having gone 5 days over with Cam, I really wasn't keen on going to far over again... Axel, however had other plans.

So while today may very be my 1yr EDD anniversary { :) } it's still another 15 days before Axel turns 1

Party planning is in full swing, and I can't wait

March 09, 2012

40 bags in 40 days - Update #2

Day 9 - Computer Desk {obviously not in a bag} given away via Free Cycle
Day 10 - Bag of old shoes from bottom of my wardrobe {clothing bin}
Day 11 - Bag of old blankets {clothing bin}
Day 12 - Bag of old sheets and towels {clothing bin}

Day 13 - bag of baby clothes given to a friend
Day 14 - bag with breast pump, steriliser, and breast milk freezer bags given to a friend

Day 15 - Excersaucer {sold via TM}
Day 16 - bag of rubbish from study {off the old computer desk - into bin}

March 06, 2012

Kids love cake

The other morning, Cam wanted a piece of cake... After eating all the icing, he then left the cake... and Axel found it... I walked into the lounge to see this:

I took the photo after he had shoved a whole piece of cake bigger than his fist into his mouth :)

March 04, 2012


This year is a leap year... and according to age old tradition, on the 29th February a girl can propose to her guy... so that is what I did this year...

I took a photo of our kids, and edited it till it looked like this:
then bluetoothed it from my computer to my phone and waited....

For hours....

Till he walked in the door after work, then I sent it to him... I heard him get the txt, I heard him open it... then nothing.... At. All... For. Hours...

I was so peeved, that I went out {ok - I was always going out, as a mate was in Auckland from Christchurch for work, for one night only}, had a great night, and headed home...

Still nothing...

By now, I was thinking I had seriously done the wrong thing... read all the signs wrong... clearly we weren't at the "marriage" stage of our relationship {which was a worry in itself, as we've been together for 5yrs}... ah well... I thought that seen as he hadn't said anything, we could probably both pretend it had never happened... so I went to bed...

He came to bed about 5 mins later, and as we were lying there cuddling before drifting off to sleep I said "did you like the photo I sent you earlier" and he said... Wait for it... it's a goodie...



“I couldn’t open it”

OMG - Men!! why can't they use a simple thing like a phone!! So he tried again, went into the message, scrolled down like I told him too, looked at it, said "that's cute" squinted, pulled the phone closer to his eyes, then said "of course I'll marry their mum"

So there you have it... the story of how we came to be engaged... it's a great one for the grandies thats for sure :)

March 02, 2012

Wall Art

It's hard to find things to decorate the kids room, that aren't going to destroy wall... especially when renting... I picked up these Wall decals ages ago, and had every intention of just banging them onto the side of Axel's drawers, but never got round to it, because I kept wondering if there was another way I could display them, without putting them on the wall.

Cue - some cheap Canvas's from The Warehouse {only $1.99 each}

Don't they look great...?

Now that I know it works, and they look great, I have to buy a couple more canvas's so that all the animals can be placed around the boys bedroom

March 01, 2012

Annual Plunket Appeal

You may or may not realise that am involved with Plunket as a volunteer and am on the Epsom Roskill Volunteer Committee, I am really keen to get the most support I can for this sub-branch. So I’ve signed up as an online collector for Plunket's 2012 Appeal.

Plunket’s Appeal raises vital funds for a wide variety of services and the money I raise will stay in our local community. Your donation will help to support the Epsom Roskill Plunket Clinic, the five playgroups we run each week, and over the years we have also supplied warm blankets for winter, sun hats for summer and hampers for families in need at Christmas time.

Please consider making a small donation, every dollar counts - thank you for your support!  You can follow the intrustuctions found here to donate