About Me

I'm Aleesha {Leesh, Leeshy, Ali - mostly just Leesh}... I'm in my early 30's.  I live with my partner Ian and our 3 kids:

Paris: Mine {20 July 1999}

Josh: His {4 August 1999}

Cammy: Ours {29 September 2008}

And Axel: Ours {27 March 2011}

Prior to Axel joining our family I worked 30hrs per week at St John as the Youth and Community Care Adminstrator, but have since been made redundant due to restructure, however I still volunteer for St John Youth, co-ordinating one of the Youth Camps every year.  I love my role{s} in St John, and St John Youth is definately a passion of mine.  I joined St John when I was 8 years old.  I recieved my 12 year service medal {thats 12 Adult years service} in 2008 and this year I was made a Serving Sister of the Order.

I am now really enjoying my life as a SAHM, finding fun and exciting things to do with my kids.

Anything else you want to know?  Please feel free to ask... I don't bite, I promise :)

and here are a couple more recent photo's: