June 30, 2013

Birthday Blues

Yesterday was my Birthday... I celebrated turning another year old, by having a Pot Luck dinner at home with family and good friends, I had a lovely evening and I even made my own cake.

I have been wanting to do this blossom design on a cake for some time now, so what better opportunity than for my own cake, and Blue is my favourite colour.

Don't you just love the polka-dots inside the cake, I thought they were just a little bit fun

June 26, 2013

Photo Wall

Ever since I rented my first house, I have dreamed about owning my own house, and creating a photo wall in the hall way...

We have been in our house for 10mths now, and on Sunday I finally started working on my photo wall...  I hope to add to this over the years and one day full the whole wall with pictures that I love

This of course means, that the heat is now on for me to start sourcing cool frames in op shops :) tehe... like I need an excuse to go op shopping more often