June 13, 2012

Babywearing 2

We went up to the caravan for the weekend, and didn't take the pushchair... instead we only took the bubzilla... we thought this would be better for the pinecone hunt and bunny tails hunt we were planning on doing over the weekend...

Our pinecone hunt was very successful, finding a grand total of 28 pinecones for the fire :)

The bunny tails hunt - not so successful, turns out June is not the right time of year for bunny tails... will have to see when these are able to be found, as I need want them for the wedding...

BUT both hunts were successful in the use of the bubzilla, Axel LOVED it when I had him on my hip... and eventually grew to like being on my back also... me - I loved carrying him this way, and was very comfortable... All in all... a big thumbs up to the bubzilla

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