September 11, 2011


27th August 2011

WOW where has the time gone... Axel is 5mths old already... and so it is time to introduce solids to his diet... not actually for any other reason, than the doctor has suggested it as a way to try and settle his reflux down a bit as it's gotten really bad again... So I whipped down to the supermarket and picked up some farex, smooth baby rice...

Well he didn't spit gag and spit it out... in fact he ate about 4 spoonfuls {tiny baby spoonfuls}... We did 2 days of solids and his tummy pains were so bad... he screamed non stop for 3 days {it was like way back when his reflux was still undiagnosed} so we stopped. 

11th September 2011

At the advice of our doctor we waited a few {8} days and then tried again... with success.  Axel has been eating his farex every evening since Monday 5th September with no problems at all :)  At this stage he has only had farex.  I have steamed and pureed and frozen some pears, but will continue with the farex for a few more days before introducing the pears to his diet.

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