August 31, 2011

Worst Day - Ever

Today has been a totally horrific day... One I do not want to repeat... infact, I'd like to stop today, rewind, and do-over... if only it were that simple...

Things started off pretty well... as they do... but then... take 1 nearly 3yr old who woke at 5.15am, add 1 swimming lesson... and there you have it... the begining of the end of my day...

We arrived at swimming, and I went to the front desk to pay... Cam saw the chocolate fish on the counter and started demanding one {he didn't get one btw}, then we went to get changed, he cried about the damn chocolate fish the whole time I was getting him changed... now time for the lesson... he wouldn't do a thing. Not. One. Single. Thing. ... no matter how nice the teacher asked him, begged him, bribed him... Not. One. Single. Thing.  Until I finally had to enter the water, with Axel in tow.  Then and only then would he do anything, and only a little bit of anything... like - just a couple of kicks. literally. And then, just like that - lesson over...

I decided, that because I'd dragged Axel into the water, that we would stay in for just a bit, more for Axel than Cam - to be honest, Cam didn't deserve to stay in, but I was there myself, and Axel loves the water too. after about 15mins of playing nicely in the pool, Cam took off... I jumped up to follow him {still carrying Axel} but I was not quick enough... he ran right into the main Adult Pool... Yup - right in... over his head in... then he hoped out, he was out by the time I caught him.  Not a lifeguard in sight at that end of the pool... but 3 of them at the other end. talking. to each other.

I drag Cam over to the pushchair, wrap him in a towel, explain to him that we are going home because he did that, and that he needs to listen to mummy.  wrangle him and the pushchair {with Axel in it} to the changing rooms... the whole time he is screaming at me to go in the water... Axel is screaming at me also - I presume he's pretty pissed to be pulled out of the water for no reason...

Cam screamed the whole time while I was dressing myself, Axel and him.  He screamed all the way to the car.  by this stage I do NOT want to go home.  I need time to regroup my thoughts.

Cue McDonalds... YUP I wanted needed a Kiwiburger. combo. large. haha

Cam continues to play up at McDonalds, jumping from one chair to the other... I continually ask him to stop.  Put him into time out 3 times, just before I can put him into time out for the 4th time, BANG, CRACK!!! you guessed it, he didn't make the jump, and his head has taken the full brunt of the fall... MASSIVE egg!!! on his head!!! MASSIVE!!!!

Two McDonalds staff members laugh. you read that right. they laughed. laughed! WTF- they laughed at my now SCREAMING nearly 3yr old... as if it was some kind of cool funny joke, that he was hurt.  Luckily a little old lady {gotta love them} took Axel from me, put him in the pushchair, and helped me to the doctors {which, conveniently, were located in the mall}... Where we were examined pretty quickly.  Mild concussion. No Shit!

That was it... off home... still undecided as to whether we will EVER go to the pools again... or McDonalds for that matter... but alive. JUST

August 30, 2011

getting big....

Yup he is rocking out in his new big car seat... bye bye to the capsule

August 28, 2011

Weekly Exercise

Week 4

This week has been an amazing week for me and my exercising... I'm actually very proud of myself.

  • Monday - 45min walk around local streets {DB}
  • Tuesday - 32mins Wii Fit Biggest Looser Game
  • Wednesday - 1hr 30min walk around One Tree Hill {DB}
  • Friday - 1hr 30min walk around One Tree Hill {DB}
  • Saturday Part 1 - 20min walk before Paris Hockey game {SB}
  • Saturday Part 2 - 40min walk to Josh's Soccer Game {DB}
  • Saturday Part 3 - 40min walk home from Josh's Soccer Game {DB}
See - Told you I'd had a great week :)

I also have joined up with My Fitness Pal and that is awesome, I enter what I have eaten and what exercise I have done, and it basically lets me monitor my calorie intake and my weight loss.

No weigh in this week, will do so next week :)

August 21, 2011

Weekly Exercise

Week 3

  • Monday - 45min walk round local streets {DB}
  • Tuesday - 27min workout on the wii Biggest Loser
  • Wednesday - 2hrs walking round the Zoo {DB}
  • Thursday - 1 1/2hr walk round One Tree Hill {SB}
  • Sunday - 40min walk round streets of Ngatea {DB}
No time for a weigh in this week.... hopefully in the week coming

August 19, 2011

sleeping baby

I've always wrapped Axel at night, as he sleeps better that way, but have never wrapped him during the day... mainly because it's one of the ways I have differentiated between night and day, and also because it makes it much easier to wean from being wrapped later on ...

Axel - has in the last few months gotten worse and worse at day sleeping... I've managed to get him to self settle at long last, but he still only sleeps for 1 to 1 1/2hrs at a time...

Untill Now...

I've just started wrapping him during the day and it's certainly helped to increase his sleeps by at least half an hour a time... also - with being wrapped, and popping his dummy in his mouth, he self settles instantly... no tears, no rolling, no nothing!! it's brilliant...

btw - I wrap using the miracle blanket

August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday...

5This is Cammy singing Happy Birthday a few weeks ago

August 15, 2011


In Auckland... this hasn't happened since 1936!!

August 14, 2011

Weekly Exercise

Week 2
  • Monday - 1/2hr walk around local streets {DB}
  • Tuesday - 1 1/2hr walk around One Tree Hill {SB}
  • Thursday - 45min around my mum's local streets {SB}
  • Saturday - 1 1/2hr walk around One Tree Hill {DB}
DB = Double Buggy
SB = Single Buggy
I haven't weighed myself this week, so have no idea if all this exercise is doing anything... but I think it may be as I've had to tighten my belt another notch and my mother {!!!!!!!!! shock horror} said I looked like I had lost weight.

August 11, 2011

I Love....

egg and cheese toasties made in my nana's old quicksie iron.... ahhhhhhhh heaven

August 09, 2011

Recipe: Impossible to fail Quiche

I saw this being made on the Breakfast show a couple of weeks ago and thought I would give it a go... I modified it a little, by baking it in a muffin tray and making Mini Quiches out of it...

3 eggs
1/2 cup self-raising flour
1 cup aged cheddar grated cheese
1 tbsp oil
11/4 cups milk
1 onion, finely chopped
2 chopped rashers of bacon, rind removed (optional)
Diced smoked chicken.

Place all the ingredients into a large bowl with a whisk or container or large food processor bowl and either stir or shake with vigour for one minute or whirl for 30 seconds.

Pour into a hot, greased quiche dish and add bacon and anything else you think would work - a few tablespoons of chopped parsley, and/or corn , and/or raw mushrooms - just clean out the fridge!)

Bake 180degC for 45 minutes.

Serve with a salad and bowl of crusty bread

August 08, 2011

Weekly Exercise

Week 1

This is late - Whoops was meant to be posted last night...
  • Monday - 1 & 1/2hr walk at western springs {walked round 3 times} in the morning. Walked around the zoo in the afternoon {both times with double pushchair}
  • Tuesday - 28 minutes on the Wii Biggest Loser
  • Wednesday - 1 & 1/2hr walk round one tree hill {with the double pushchair}
  • Thursday - 1hr 10min walk around local streets {with the single pushchair}
  • Friday - 19 minutes on the Wii Biggest Loser
  • Saturday - 1hr walk around local streets {with the double pushchair}

Feeling good people

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

August 05, 2011

Tough Love

All my babies have always fallen asleep in my arms or on the breast and been transferred into their beds... Well Axel is no different... except that he often wakes when I put him down into his bed... so the last few days I have been getting him to self settle for his afternoon sleeps... with success that I NEVER had with Paris and Cam.

  • Tuesday - talked to himself 5mins, cried 5mins, talked to himself 3mins, screamed 2mins, slept 1 1/2hr
  • Wednesday - talked to himself 5 mins, cried 5mins, slept 1 1/2hr
  • Thursday - talked to himself 4mins, cried 3mins, screamed 2mins, slept 2hrs before I had to wake him to collect Cam from Daycare
  • Friday {today} - talked to himself 5mins, screamed 2mins, and has now been asleep for 1hr and counting.... long may this continue
I am not tackling the morning sleep at all, as we are often out and about at the park, doing daycare drop off, walking with friends etc etc... he sleeps very well in the pushchair and carseat so the morning sleeps are never a problem :)

And same with bedtime... he falls asleep on me, I pop him into bed, and he doesn't wake again for several hours...

August 03, 2011

I'm Back...

my computer is fixed... thanks heaps to my mates hubby :) it's running so much better... it appears my windows explorer was corupt

I have set myself a few goals over the last few days....

  • lose 5kgs in 6 weeks
  • exercise 4 days every week
  • spend less time online
  • bake more
  • spend more time with my kids
so far so good {watch this space for some of my creations}... I baked mini quiches for the kids lunch boxes on Sunday night, as well as my first ever bacon and egg pie {made with chicken rashers, not bacon as I don't eat pork products}, chocolate weetbix slice and blueberry muffins - my kids think all their christmas's have come at once... :)

Also today is day 3 of the exercise goal, and I have so far exercised all 3 days :)