October 10, 2013

Proud Mumma

Cammy has played Rugby this year for the first time... he didn't quite grasp the concept of the game, but he kept on playing... he went every to every game bar 2 where he was sick.  He scored 1 try over the whole season in his 2nd to last game, and still believed that he was just playing one great big game of chase.

But, his perseverance didn't go un-noticed by his coaches and at prizegiving he was awarded the 2013 Sportmanship award. He was so very proud of himself, as was I.

October 06, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday

A massive happy 5th Birthday goes out to my most adorable darling boy Cammy... it's hard to believe that he is 5 already, and due to start school in a little over a week.  His birthday was last week and was celebrated with many a friends and family.  Here are a few photos

Daycare Cake

the two brothers side by side for the last time at Daycare

Opening some of his presents at his party

The cake he designed and I had to make

Blowing out the candles

Working out how to work one of his many new transformers

October 05, 2013


Thats how my poor blog must feel these days...

Sometimes we all have days of feeling abandoned... and I've been feeling this a bit lately... see for no reason at all, I'm missing my dad... it's been nearly 7 yrs since he passed, and just lately, it's really hurt...

I have no answers still, and perhaps thats why... you see, my step-mother did an amazing disappearing act with the funeral insurance, and has never been seen or heard from since... and thats cool, I don't need her in my life, but what I do need, I believe is closure... I have no idea what the coronors report said about my fathers death, or the name of the heridetary heart disease he suffered from... I have nothing of his, except for a ring that my aunty gave me... I should have his hundreds and hundreds of pages of sheet music, I truely believe that getting those was my right, as I would have treasured each and every page.

I know I will move on, I have before, and I will again, but for today, and yesterday, and most likely tomorrow, I am feeling hurt and abandoned...