October 31, 2010

Last chance to transform your handbag.....

and your life...

head to here for your last chance to enter the draw for a Borne Naked Liner for your handbag...

This has totally transformed my life, and people are starting to notice that I no longer spead 5mins hunting for things in my bag...

October 30, 2010

Half Way...

It's hard to believe, but I am already half way to my due date...

so here's a pic of me a couple of days ago, at 20 weeks 5 days

PS: sorry to those of you who have already seen this pic elsewhere xx

October 28, 2010

Borne Naked Liner

I was one of the lucky blogging mummies from Kiwi Mummy Blogs to be picked to review a Borne Naked Liner.

One of the reasons I wanted to trial this product is because I am sick to death of never being able to find any of lifes important things in my handbag... such as:
  • lollypops {I love these, and often have one on the drive home from work}
  • cellphone
  • work ID and building swipe card
  • work keys
  • st john keys
  • deodorant
  • lipbalm
  • pens
you get the drift - right?  Check out what my handbag looks like on an average day:

That picture doesn't really do the mess in my handbag any justice - so.....

And on the weekends it's worse - as I have to fit a drybag with a spare cloth nappy, cloth wipe, and a wet bag haha

When my Borne Naked Liners arrived, I was sooo excited to open the box and find two beautifully packaged liners in it

So I put one of them to the test - and must admit, my stuff looks great in it :)

The last couple of days using the Borne Naked Liner, have actually made my life soooo much easier... and best of all... my handbag looks awesome

Now the lovely folk at Borne Naked, gave me two of these awesome liners... One for me to test and review, and one for you to win :)

For your chance to win a Borne Naked Liner simply leave me a comment with your name and email address. Simple isn't it! 

If you blog about this competition, including a photo of your handbag in it's natural state explaining why you must have a Borne Naked Liner, and leave me a comment with the link, I will give you another 2 entries.

I'll draw the winner next Monday 1st November. Comp open to NZ residents only please.

For more chances to win this liner, head to Kiwi Mummy Blogs as there were serveral ladies choosen to review and giveaway this product.


I've been really slack on the blogging front the last few weeks, what with moving house and St John Camp... so starting tonight, I promise to make more of an effort again :)

See you all tonight, with a fab post and another giveaway :):)

October 25, 2010

And the winner is....

Using a random number generator the winner of my book giveaway for the book Fierce September is....

Karla from I have foot in Mouth Disease

Congratulations Karla

Please flick me an email with your address to:

aleesham79 at gmail.com

Don't Forget...

today is the last day you can enter my book giveaway...


October 21, 2010

Should be packing...

but I'm not... *sigh* I just don't have the motivation for packing haha

I'm off to camp this labour weekend... Paris is coming with me, and Ian is taking the boys up to the caravan... I love camp, but this particular camp is special... see, it's at Motatapu... for those of you who don't know, Motatapu Island is attached under sea level to Rangitoto Island.  Motatapu is an old Army Base, and is a rocking place for a youth camp.  So tomorrow night, myself, 45ish other leaders and 200ish kids will be boarding a barge for the trip over the water... then we hike - yup you read that right, we hike to the camp... I'ts fun, I love it, and even at 20 weeks pregnant I'm looking forward to it :)

Catch you all on Monday

October 18, 2010

GIVEAWAY and Book Review: Fierce September

Fierce September - by Fleur Beale

Juno and the Taris inhabitants have to leave their dying island and go Outside.  The young people are entranced despite the hate campaign against them - they love the fashions, the technologies and, best of all for Juno, the freedom from extreme control. But, only days after the group arrives, a pandemis hits that has drastic consequences for Juno and her people.
Juno is shocked to find the island held more secrets that any of them knew.  She wants to bury her head, ignore what she's discovered and forge ahead to find her own place in this new world.  But Juno finds she can't stay hidden in the background when danger threatens the people of Taris.  It will take courage and determination to save them

Another magnificent, couldn't put down read.  This book had me in tears at times, and in fits of laughter at other times.  It bought back many fond memories of my teenage years.  Fleur Beale, once again had me entranced from the first chapter of the book.  It was so hard to put the book down {which I had to do many times, as we were in the middle of moving house}.  Just like with Juno of Taris I felt like I was right there, walking beside Juno, as she searched her new life to find out what the world had in store for her and her friends/family.  Juno cements firm friendships in this book and also gathers a few enemies along the way - nothing short of real life for today's teenagers.

Another book that I would recommend to all.  It should be compulsary reading during English at highschool if you ask me.


I have one copy of Fierce September to giveaway.  If you wish to win a copy of this awesome book, simply leave a comment, telling me your favourite time of day and place to read.  This giveaway is open to everyone, so please feel free to spread the word.  Entries close 5pm Monday 25th October.  If you blog about this competition, you will get 1 extra entry, leave a comment, with a link to your post.

Happy reading :)

October 15, 2010

Book Review: Juno of Taris

Juno of Taris - by Fleur Beale

Juno is Young; she has no authority, no power, and to question the ways of Taris is discouraged.  She knows what it's like the community withdraws from her - turning their backs and not speaking to her until she complies.
The Taris Project was the brainchild of a desperate twenty-first-century world, a community designed to survive even if the rest of humanity perished.  An isolated, storm-buffeted island in the Souther Ocean was given a protective dome and its own balmy climate.  And now Juno is one of 500 people who live there - but what has happened to the outside world in teh years since Taris was established?  The island has not been in contact with Outside since the early years of it's existence.
Juno yearns to know about life Outside, just as she yearns to be allowed to grow her hair.  It is a rule on Taris that all must have their heads shaved bare.  But is it a rule that could be broken?  Danger awaits any who suggest it.
What can I say?  The blurb on the back of the book had me hooked... I started reading at 10pm the first night, and didn't put the book down for 2hrs, see, if the back hadn't of hooked me, the first chapter certainly would of.  Fleur Beale, is an author I hadn't heard of before now, and I can't for the life of me figure out why.  She writes so well.  I honestly felt like I was right there, standing next to Juno, every step of the way.  I highly recommend this book to all, and think it would be a great read for teenagers.

Look out for my next book review on "Fierce September" the sequeal to Juno of Taris.  The fierce September review contains a giveaway.

Happy reading :)

October 14, 2010

All Moved...

Well the move is done and dusted, and went off fairly well... but I'll still be absent for a while, as we have no phone or internet connection at the new house due to a major line fault.  They *Telecom* reckon that we may have services restored by Saturday - to be honest, I'm not holding my breath...

October 07, 2010

last night...

tonight is our last night in this house... and we are spending it, rushed off our feet, stressed to the max, getting ready for the movers at 9am!!

*sigh* why do I do this to myself...

On the upside - I have today, moved 95% of my kitchen into the new house and have put it all in it's new rightful place...

so anyway - best be off, it's nearly 11.30pm and I would like to sleep tonight...

catch you all from teh new house...

October 03, 2010

boxes, boxes, and more boxes...

let the record state here and now - that I hate packing... I love moving, but I loathe packing my house up... I also hate unpacking lol...

right now - my house is in total disarray - there are boxes here, there and everywhere... it's unsettled the cat something wicked, not to mention Cammy...

Paris has been brilliant with packing her room up... Josh on the other hand - hmmmmmmmmmm... well lets just say that if I have to pack it up, none of it will make it to the new house at all...

My bathroom, is a pretty empty space... as is my kitchen... my tupperware collection takes up 3 massive boxes *whoops*

The upside of packing of course - is the sorting one does of their life and belongings... we have delivered so many bags of clothing to the local clothing bins, and still have more to go I'm sure {after all, I haven't even started on my drawers yet}...

right - well, I'd best be getting back to it... if you don't hear from me for a few days - it's probably because the boxes have swallowed me whole...

October 01, 2010

School Holidays - 1 week down

Well we have come to the end of the first week of the September school holidays... Josh has been at his mum's all week, so I've only had Paris to worry about.

She has spent the week with my mum {she has still been home at night though}... the first day they discovered a massive sale at the Quicksilver shop at Dressmart - 70% off everything in store... my sister spent up a storm... and when they told me it about, it got me thinking... so I sat Paris down and asked her if she still believed in Santa - thankfully her answer was no... Phew - I avoided THAT talk haha...

So then I told Paris that she could go to the quicksilver with Nana and choose some items for her Santa Sack... she got several great items and it didn't break the bank {$400 worth of gear for $120}...

Over the week they did a few things, but the best day according to Paris was today... They caught a bus into town, spent the day there, then caught the train home! Paris loved it!!

Next week, both Paris and Josh are off to Rotorua with my Aunty from Tuesday to Friday :)