July 17, 2013

these are a few of my favourite things....

Go on, I know you sang the title :)
Ever since we moved in, I am been trying to figure out where to hang some of my most favourite things... and it's kinda tormented me not having them up in sight, but I didn't want to hang them anywhere less than perfect for them and for me...
I finally found that place, and I think they look awesome

July 12, 2013

Everyone Loves a Discount

especially on Petrol... And this is why I absolutely LOVE my AA Smartfuel Card

You see, everytime I put $40 in my car, I get an automatic 6c per litre off my petrol.  Now, I have taken to saving this up, so that on the occassions when I put $80 or more into my car I use up all the points I have... which the other day amounted to 30c per litre off!!!

July 06, 2013


The other day Cammy disappeared into his bedroom for quite awhile... He came out very proud of himself exclaiming "Mum, come, Come see my bedroom"... so I toddled off into his bedroom, to see what he so badly wanted to show me...

I was surprised to find he had cleaned his own room... I then asked him if he wanted to vacuum it, he replied "yes, by myself", so I left him too it...

Then I took some pictures...

So proud of himself
Of course, when I tidy his room, you can actually see his book shelf, and his books
And of course, when I tidy his room, you can actually see his bed

BUT - he tidied his own room, and I was soooo proud of him... I gave him $1 pocket money

July 03, 2013

And speaking of birthdays

My work held a morning tea for my birthday... We do these for everyone's birthday, we all bring a plate to contribute to Morning Tea and a present to put in the box for the birthday person.  I was so spoilt by my workmates.

July 02, 2013

My 2 boys

My how my baby boys are growing
Axel aged 2yrs 3mths

Cammy aged 4yrs 9mths