April 17, 2010

I don't dislike winter.... but...

It would certainly be alot better if it only rained at night lol...

I have so much washing in this house, that winter drives me nuts... And it can't all just be thrown in the machine at once... my average loads include:
  • Cam's nappies
  • Ians work clothes
  • kids sports clothes
  • Cam's clothes {as I still wash these seperately 99.9% of the time}
  • the rest of the clothes
  • towels {once per week}
  • bedding off all the beds {once per week}
Normally washing doesn't bother me, but in winter I'm always stuck as to how to dry it all... Cam's nappies dry overnight in front of the dehumidifier, and thats great... I wash his nappies every second night, and they take up a whole clothes airer.  Ian's work clothes can just go into the dryer - no issue there.  But the rest of the stuff... my oh my... one load of washing fills the airer, but of course, I need to do at least one load of washing a day just to keep on top of all... but they only place that the airer fits is in my lounge... this creates a problem, cause if I've got nappies and clothes {which I do every 2nd day} then I have to use 2 airers, which closes my living room down drastically, and looks a bit like a chinese laundry...

I live for the weekends, where I can do the towels, the bedding, the nappies, and the clothes, and hang it all outside... but days like today, where it's raining, mean I have to use the drier all day... and the airers, and have the kids playing in amongst all the washing in the lounge cause there is no where else for them to go... if only my carport didnt' leak like a sieve... that would make me soooo happy... wonder if I can get my Land Lord to repair the carport roof... what do you think?


Renee said...

Awesome new background!!!!

Renee said...

Yeah, I've got "temporary" post dividers :P But they are boring, I want something pretty...just can't find what I want!

I just made adjustments to the post dividers that were already on the minima blogger template that I am using. Made them solid and fatter. PM me your email address on CM if you want a more thorough explanation with screen shots and I'll see what I can do. Am self-taught HTML'er (as of today - haha) and by know means an expert!!!

mealzrox88 said...

at least you're in the north island girl :-p it's 10 times worse here in chch! months go by when not a single load will dry outside. It's gross!