April 18, 2010

Cupcakes Part 2 & 3: the decorating and final display

So Friday night was spent making butter cream icing.  I chose to make purple and pink icing... Purple is made with 3 parts red to 1 part blue, but to get it a bit darker, I ended up adding a little more blue towards the end.  Pink is pretty simple and is made simply by adding a small amount of red to the icing :)

Pink Icing

Purple Icing

This was also the first time I had ever used my new piping bag... or in fact used a piping bag full stop... but thats ok... I think I did ok... I certainly got the hang of it, and got quicker as the night went on :)

Once they were all iced, it was a matter of adding the decorations:

the Chocolate hearts were done at the party, as they were a last minute idea.... :)

and the display:

The cupcakes were a great hit at the party, and I had a blast making and decorating them all... but the real test... well that occured earlier in the day - in the "test kitchen"

I think they passed :)


Kelly said...

yum! great job - bet they didnt last long

and I love your new look blog!

PaisleyJade said...

They look fab - loving the testing part! ;)

michelle said...

They look great well done.

I might not let you attend your function when you are down you will be to busy.