June 26, 2012

baby steps

my first mini weightloss goal is to lose 10kgs...

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June 25, 2012

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh...

Once again, I'm gonna go on and on about Produce Pronto... I just love using their service for my fruit and veg shopping... I've not had a single bad experience with them... and to be honest, I'm not waiting for one either...

I still order the packs, which means I occasionally get items that I wouldn't normally buy, but it's great, I am experimenting... I have now about 4 different recipes with leek in them that my family LOVES... AND I got beetroot in my order last week, so am going to pickle that this week.... fun fun fun... fresh fresh fresh...

If you wish to place an order and try them for yourself then head to Produce Pronto now! you can order days in advance, the money isn't taken from your account or credit card, until the delivery day.  Also - all first time orders get $10 off their first order... AND all orders over $30 get free delivery.

June 23, 2012


I went to my first Gym Assessment on Monday... I am horrified to tell you all that I weigh a massive 80kgs... I can't believe it... I knew I was carrying extra weight, but that much??? wow!

I tell you - it's really motivated me to do this... I went to the gym for my first session on Wednesday night, then on Thursday night I did an aqua-aerobics class which was awesome... I really enjoyed myself, I'll definitely do that class again...

June 21, 2012

two birds... one stone...

As promised, here is a pic of me carrying Axel in the bubzilla... and also of me before I started my gym and weightloss journey

As you can see - I'm carrying quite a bit of extra weight there as well as Axel lol

ps: please excuse the mess :)

June 15, 2012

What is a bunny tail?

you may be asking yourself after reading this post... Well... here is a picture for you

And I need want about 200 of these for the wedding...

June 13, 2012

Babywearing 2

We went up to the caravan for the weekend, and didn't take the pushchair... instead we only took the bubzilla... we thought this would be better for the pinecone hunt and bunny tails hunt we were planning on doing over the weekend...

Our pinecone hunt was very successful, finding a grand total of 28 pinecones for the fire :)

The bunny tails hunt - not so successful, turns out June is not the right time of year for bunny tails... will have to see when these are able to be found, as I need want them for the wedding...

BUT both hunts were successful in the use of the bubzilla, Axel LOVED it when I had him on my hip... and eventually grew to like being on my back also... me - I loved carrying him this way, and was very comfortable... All in all... a big thumbs up to the bubzilla

June 11, 2012

Weightloss Goal...

Step 1: Join the Gym

I decided that I'm not gonna loose weight, just plodding along with life as I have been... I walk 2-3 times per week pushing the double buggy yet still I have a tummy I hate... and yes, it could be worse, but the last time it looked like I was 6mths pregnant, I actually WAS 6mths pregnant... I hate {yes it's a strong word} my body... often having to dress up nice to go out anywhere ends up with me in tears...

So I joined the gym today... yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda, yadda, I hear you all saying... I have several goals on this weightloss journey and not all of them involve loosing weight...


  • Feel good about myself on my wedding day {only 23 weeks to go} and hopefully be a size 10 
  • Run a half a half {10.5kms} by March 2013
  • Run a half marathon by March 2014
big goals, but doable I feel... so to start with, as you can see... it's all about  being happy about who I am, and feeling good about myself... if I can do that, the other goals will just follow suit...

So wish me luck... I will not revel my starting weight at this stage as I am so horrified with it myself... that I cannot bear to share it with others... perhaps later on down the track, I will feel good enough to let you all know...

BUT - I will post a starting picture in the next couple of days.

June 10, 2012

Recipe: leek, Potato and Kumara Soup

So a few weeks ago, I got my fruit and veg delivered as always from produce pronto, and with it I got a massive leek... now I've never cooked leek before, and only ever eaten it once - I know, I know... lol..

One thing I did know about leek was that they make a great soup... so off to google I went in search of a yummy leek soup recipe... I found one I like the sound of, printed it out... and made it... and it was devine... so good, I decided to share the recipe with you all.

Leek, Potato and Kumara Soup
Enough for 3-4 people for one meal, or dinner plus lunch to take to work for 2.

1 onion, finely chopped
2-3 cloves garlic, finely chopped (use less garlic if you prefer)
1 leek, washed well and sliced
2 medium sized kumara, cut into small cubes (I used purple ones, but use whichever you prefer)
4 medium sized potatoes, cut into small cubes (I used organic Agria)
1/4 tsp thyme
Nutmeg, freshly grated (if not use about 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg)
6 cups of stock (veg or chicken)
1/4 sour cream
Salt and cracked black pepper
50g (or large knob) of butter

Oil (I used rice bran oil, but you can use olive, canola or any other vegetable oil you have)
  1. Over a medium heat, melt the butter with a bit (oh...about 1 tsp) of oil - the oil helps to prevent the butter from burning.  Gently saute the onion and garlic until soft and translucent.
  2. Add the leek and thyme and continue to saute until the leek softens.
  3. Stir in the kumara, potatoes and nutmeg.
  4. Add the stock and 1 tsp of salt (check the stock you're using to see how salty it is first) and bring to boil on high heat.  Cover and reduce heat back to medium heat.  Cook covered until the potatoes and kumara are cooked through and soft.
  5. Blitz the mixture until smooth - I used an immersion stick blender - and then stir in the sour cream, mix well and heat through.
  6. Salt and pepper to taste - taste the soup and add more salt if required.
Post blending

Dinner is served {we had this with fresh ciabatta buns}

June 08, 2012

Baby Wearing...

I'm not sure if I've mentioned on here of not, but I'm a fan of baby wearing... I love holding my baby's close to my heart...

12yrs ago, I didn't know about Baby Wearing as such other than front packs, so thats what I had... Paris was in a front pack from day, then a back pack from about 9mths... We still utilised the front back till she was around 15mths...

With Cam, I knew I wanted a sling of some sort... I had a front pack, and loved it, but wanted something else also... when he was 6mths old, I went to the parent and child show, and trialled a couple of slings... he hated every single one of them... screamed the pavilion down... this left me feeling down-heartened... back to only the front pack it was for him...

With Axel... I was more pro-active... I bought a wrap before he was even born, and wore popped him in at least once a day from the day we came home from birthcare...

The wrap made my life so easy.... I kept it in my bag all the time, and used it sooooo much...

But now Axel is 14mths old, and not so into being held so close to me all the time, he prefers to face outwards, but that is no good if he falls asleep... AND because a wrap is stretchy I no longer feel comfortable using it, as he is too heavy and moves around so much, that it stretches while he is in, and I end up not being hands free at all, as I am sort of holding him into place...

So, I started looking on a trade me for a sling, so I could, if nothing else, carry Axel on my hip AND be hands free... I had a budget though, as we are saving all our penny's for the wedding... not much you can get even second hand for $20 or less though...

And then... by some sheer miracle... The Sleep Store had a sale... and these totally awesome Bubzilla Slings were reduced to clear... from $99 to $15!!! WAHOO!! I snapped one up immediately... It arrived yesterday, and me and Axel have already played around with it... he likes it, I like it... I'm happy

Obviously these are not pics of me lol... I just stole these off the internet to show you examples of how the sling can be worn/used

June 06, 2012

Night time duty...

Who does it in your house... in our house, Ian gets up to the kids every-time... but when it comes to Axel... this picture describes the situation perfectly...

June 04, 2012

30 Days of Me Challenge - Day 30

Day 30- Your favorite song

I already posted my favorite song in this post ... so here is my second favorite song...

And that concludes the 30 days of me challenge... I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe learnt a bit more about me along the way...

Thanks for reading :)

June 03, 2012

30 Days of Me Challenge - Day 29

Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned?

hmmmm I've learned, I don't have enough photo's of me or my friends... it's hard to talk about myself, all of the time... I only managed to complete this challenge because I wrote 5-7 posts at a time and "Scheduled" them

June 02, 2012

30 Days of me Challenge - Day 28

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Last year


How have I changed?   Well, my hair is longer... lol... other than that, I'm not sure I have changed much at all...

June 01, 2012

30 Days of Me Challenge - Day 27

Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge?

Why not? no really... I saw the challenge on a friends blog, and literally thought - why not...

And I've really enjoyed myself :)