October 28, 2010

Borne Naked Liner

I was one of the lucky blogging mummies from Kiwi Mummy Blogs to be picked to review a Borne Naked Liner.

One of the reasons I wanted to trial this product is because I am sick to death of never being able to find any of lifes important things in my handbag... such as:
  • lollypops {I love these, and often have one on the drive home from work}
  • cellphone
  • work ID and building swipe card
  • work keys
  • st john keys
  • deodorant
  • lipbalm
  • pens
you get the drift - right?  Check out what my handbag looks like on an average day:

That picture doesn't really do the mess in my handbag any justice - so.....

And on the weekends it's worse - as I have to fit a drybag with a spare cloth nappy, cloth wipe, and a wet bag haha

When my Borne Naked Liners arrived, I was sooo excited to open the box and find two beautifully packaged liners in it

So I put one of them to the test - and must admit, my stuff looks great in it :)

The last couple of days using the Borne Naked Liner, have actually made my life soooo much easier... and best of all... my handbag looks awesome

Now the lovely folk at Borne Naked, gave me two of these awesome liners... One for me to test and review, and one for you to win :)

For your chance to win a Borne Naked Liner simply leave me a comment with your name and email address. Simple isn't it! 

If you blog about this competition, including a photo of your handbag in it's natural state explaining why you must have a Borne Naked Liner, and leave me a comment with the link, I will give you another 2 entries.

I'll draw the winner next Monday 1st November. Comp open to NZ residents only please.

For more chances to win this liner, head to Kiwi Mummy Blogs as there were serveral ladies choosen to review and giveaway this product.


Bronwyn said...

I've been watching all of you trying out these liners, and love the idea of them! Stuff gets lost in my bag all the time!!

Kelly said...

Nope not showing you my bag hehe but definitely put me in the draw!

Penny said...

Yes looks like a great product. Please enter me in!

mealzrox88 said...

oh what a good idea! they look cool too :-)

Widge said...


Marie said...

Pick me pick me! I LOVE bags and constantly swap them over...but end up leaving things in bags then forget where it is. It gets a bit hard when the contents of my handbag are actually spread over about 5 bags!

Wendy said...

Ohhh I've read so many reviews and I have to have one! My bag weighs about 5kg and is a complete embarrassment everytime I have to rifle through it to find something!

Kirsty said...

Here's my review on one! http://justme-kirsty.blogspot.com/2010/10/borne-naked-handbag-makeover-challenge.html

Jen said...

please put me in your draw
Id like to win one back to give to my daughter for Christmas

Jodie said...

what a fantastic idea, I am always spending forever looking for stuff in my bag :-)