October 21, 2010

Should be packing...

but I'm not... *sigh* I just don't have the motivation for packing haha

I'm off to camp this labour weekend... Paris is coming with me, and Ian is taking the boys up to the caravan... I love camp, but this particular camp is special... see, it's at Motatapu... for those of you who don't know, Motatapu Island is attached under sea level to Rangitoto Island.  Motatapu is an old Army Base, and is a rocking place for a youth camp.  So tomorrow night, myself, 45ish other leaders and 200ish kids will be boarding a barge for the trip over the water... then we hike - yup you read that right, we hike to the camp... I'ts fun, I love it, and even at 20 weeks pregnant I'm looking forward to it :)

Catch you all on Monday

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ohwailywaily said...

I remember that camp. We went when I was at Intermediate (I think...it's sooo long ago).
Have a great trip !