May 11, 2010

A few reasons to Smile....


They are coming to NZ and I got a ticket... ok - so I'm seated, but I can live with that... ok - so I'm going by myself, I think I can even live with that... what I couldn't live with however, was not getting a ticket, and not seeing my musical idols live :)


We had some taken a wee while ago with vivid photography.  I won a free sitting, and a voucher for a photo to the value of $150, so I made the booking and off we went.  It was so much fun.  We were however adament that we would not be buying a single photo, and would just use the voucher and get one picture.  Well... what we weren't prepared for was the quality of the pictures... Never again would I use pixifotos for pictures of my kids and family.  So $1500 $1350 later {$150 off cause of the voucher} and we picked up our photo (well 7 pictures put together as 1) today:
Top Row
Middle Row
Bottom Row

and the whole effect together

We are so very happy that we took the time to have the pictures taken, and that we decided in the end to spend the money on getting a collection for our home.  We will definately use them again {though not too soon} for our portrait needs in the future...

Oh - and the middle picture on the bottom row... they asked our permission to have it on their website and we said yes :)


Kelly said...

they really are gorgeous photos! I love the family one. We 'won' a sitting about ten years ago - we also decided the photo was too good not to buy and almost $2000 later... Mum loves it because it was taken at the Hamilton lake, has all her kids in one spot (that takes alot of arranging with four of us) and they smoothed out her double chin! Definitely worth it

Marie said...

FANTASTIC!!! They are so worth it, and they just look gorgeous! Well done!

mealzrox88 said...

aw they're beautiful!

I never realised before, but Cam and Paris- you can definitely tell they are brother and sister. So cute!