May 15, 2010

My first fabric purchase

yesterday on trade me - i bought this gorgous fabric By Pillow & Maxfield for Michael Miller Fabrics.

while I don't actively sew, and I don't own a sewing machine, what most of you don't know, is that I am actually quite a competent sewer, having made 2 out of 4 of my school ball gowns, altered all of my jeans in high school and turned them all into flares, shorts and skirts :) I'm taking up sewing again, and am currently saving up for a maching.  I have big plans for this fabric - so watch this space, because what I make with this will most likely become my first giveaway.


Kelly said...

ooh pretty! I do like Michael Miller fabrics though is their blog

and whatever you make with it, I want to win!!!

Mel said...

We were lucky with my machine - mum and I went to Spotlight to just see what was available and there was an ex floor model marked from $399 down to $300. We stopped a staff member to ask some questions about 2 different models and she said if we bought the ex floor model right then we could have it for $100!!!

Kelly said...

nice score Mel! Not sure how much Mum paid for mine