May 06, 2010

a day in the park...

Making Childhood Memories

We run.  We play.  At times we fall down and cry.
We giggle.  We snicker and play.
We poke.  We pinch.  All in good fun - of course!
We even sit still so mum can take a picture.
These are the makings of childhood memories.

Author unknown

The poem relates to how I see the world when I take the kids to the park... It's something I love doing... but also something we don't have as much to do as I would like... So on Tuesday afternoon, when I arrived home from work, I decided that some outside play was in order... Loaded the kids into the car and off we went... I had an ulterior motive to this little trip too - it had been ages, since I had managed to photos of all of the kids at once... While they were playing, I was going crazy with the camera... I took a total of 260 photos!! Here's a small selection for your viewing :)

Paris on the swing
Josh on the Swing

Paris and Cam on the see saw
Paris helping Cam to push the train

My bubble kids
3 of them together
my goreous new header pic
Autumn Leaves

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