May 18, 2010

Packing... Packing... Packing...

We are off to Christchurch for a week's holiday in the morning, and as usual, I've packed the kids bags, made sure Ian has the right gear, and have completely run out of energy for packing my own bags lol...  I don't even know where to start for myself either *sigh* As long as I don't forget to pack my St John uniform, otherwise I will be unable to attend the awards ceremony I going to on Sunday, and that would be really sad considering I am getting an award haha

However, I have lovely new clothes to pack, thanks to Ian buying me a few new casual items for my wardrobe this evening. 

Oh well - back to packing for me... Will update you all from Christchurch :)

1 comment:

Mariah said...

Just found myself on your sidebar, thanks for the link! Love the look of your blog, have a great time in Christchurch!