May 01, 2010


Yup - thats me... lol

So every couple of years, I hold a tupperware party, as I "need" more tupperware... today was party day... and what fun I had... Kelly from reclaiming me came, and I got to meet her little boy for the first time - What a cutie!!! And a few other lovely ladies that i have meet through cheeky monkey practical parenting - which by the way, is a great website, that I recommend to all :)

I hold these parties, expecting nothing of my friends, except a good time had by all... and once again I was pleasantly surprised, when several of them booked parties of their own, and there were quite a few sales... so I got $130 worth of free tupperware, and some other gear from the tupper-wave range... yay me... :)

AND - because I'm such a good friend... I didn't order everything I wanted, so that I can order a little something, at each of the parties being held by my mates :)

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Kelly said...

we had a good time too Leesh :) Glad you got some free stuff out of it - can't wait for mine now! Sticky Date Pudding yum