October 01, 2010

School Holidays - 1 week down

Well we have come to the end of the first week of the September school holidays... Josh has been at his mum's all week, so I've only had Paris to worry about.

She has spent the week with my mum {she has still been home at night though}... the first day they discovered a massive sale at the Quicksilver shop at Dressmart - 70% off everything in store... my sister spent up a storm... and when they told me it about, it got me thinking... so I sat Paris down and asked her if she still believed in Santa - thankfully her answer was no... Phew - I avoided THAT talk haha...

So then I told Paris that she could go to the quicksilver with Nana and choose some items for her Santa Sack... she got several great items and it didn't break the bank {$400 worth of gear for $120}...

Over the week they did a few things, but the best day according to Paris was today... They caught a bus into town, spent the day there, then caught the train home! Paris loved it!!

Next week, both Paris and Josh are off to Rotorua with my Aunty from Tuesday to Friday :)

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