June 01, 2010

still looking....


sometimes things just aren't easy to find... like my sanity... but I'm sure that will turn up eventually... at least I hope it will... I mean - my keys always turn up again, right?

so I'm hoping that enough looking will turn up the framed weekly menu that I saw once on someones blog.  I've tried, googling, and while I did find this one it's not the one I'm looking for.. The one I am actually looking for was done up so that you wrote on the glass of the frame with a whiteboard marker... has anyone seen it?

And while you are looking folks - can you let me know if you find my sanity please, I would really like it back :)


Kelly said...

sanity? nope haven't seen any of that here either

Although I know what you mean - I see things on blogs then go back to try and find them and nothing! Apparently our memory starts to fade in our mid 20s (or so Dr Oz says) - was it on a blog or a website?

Kelly said...

is it this one?


and omg I would love to be organised enough to cook meals 3 months in advance lol

Leesh said...

Kelly - you are brilliant... your link lead me to this one http://www.bystephanielynn.com/2010/05/dinner-menu-frame-erasable.html which is exactly the one I had seen as was looking for!

Thanks so much