June 11, 2010

Kids Birthday Season is fast approaching

  • July 20 - Paris
  • August 4 - Josh
  • September 29 - Cam
So now is the time to start thinking about presents, parties and cakes...

Presents - this is hard, I have no idea what to get the older two this year, and have a couple of ideas for Cammy...

Parties - the kids have been told they have a couple of friends over to do a fun activity with ie: ice skating, go karting... OR they can do something awesome like the shark cage at Kelly Tarltons. {Paris is finding it very very hard to decide between the two options}

Cakes - now this is the part I have no issues with at all... the kids just need to tell me what they want cake wise, and I will try my very hardest to make it for them... at this stage Paris has mentioned she wants a guitar cake {she doesn't even play the guitar}, I dont' think Josh has realised that the birthdays are fast approaching, so I may have to gently remind him lol... and well - Cammy is still too young to understand fully, however, he LOVES his toy doggy, and doggy comes everywhere with us, so I am thinking about a Doggy Cake

1 comment:

Bronwyn said...

Good luck with the present decision! Is there something big that the older kids could get as a combined present for their birthdays? In a few years, you'll be able to buy them driving lessons for their birthdays!!