June 04, 2010

My poor baby is sick... :(

Last night Cammy melted down and was in bed by 6.30pm, which is highly unusual in itself... he woke at 12.30, and cam in with us, drank a whole 200ml bottle at that stage also. He woke again at 5am and was boiling... took his temp and it was 39.4, so began the "get temp down" battle... which I've been loosing all day tbh.

Pamol can get it down to 38 only and once the pamol wears off, it's back up to 39+ again... neurofen for kids can only be given every 6 hours, but when thats in the system his temp stays at 38 for way longer {have given it just before bed tonight}

Took him the the doctor at 3.30 after noticing a rash had spread across his whole body... nothing too sinister, however he does have a viral throat infection.

He is completely off his bottles - drinking only 70mls throughout the day, luckily he has had about 150mls of water. He is also completely off his food, and the last time he ate was lunchtime yesterday. I've managed to get 2 teaspoons of ice-cream and 1 ice block into him today...

He is very feverish, temp just before going to bed was 38.4 and he was shivering so hard his teeth were chattering...

I feel for him, as other than Pamol, Neurofen and cuddles, there isn't much else I can do for him
So most of our long weekend plans are on hold - pending wee Cammy's health
Fingers crossed for a quick recovery xx

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