June 22, 2010

Big Boy Now

Kids grow up so quickly, and Cammy is no exception to the rule.  He has started trying to join the kids at the table when they are eating.  We have this great highchair, where the tray can come off, and it turns into a booster, however the arms, don't fit under our table, so he can't actually get close enough to the table.  So when he sat in my niece's Bumbo and actually looked comfy, I decided I needed to buy one.

Now I didnt need a flash new one, or even an excellent condition one as the time left for us to best utilise this is not much :) so I found a well used one on Trade Me for $15 buy now last week, and bought it!  It's been worth it's weight in gold already.  Cammy loves it! And he's eating heaps better being all independent and all...

nom nom {excuse the bad mummy dinner}

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