June 07, 2010

It's been a long weekend alright...

Cammy came down with a throat infection late last week, just before the long weekend.  You can read about the beginings here

He was utterly miserable, and it broke my heart to see him like that.  On Saturday and Sunday all he did was cry... he slept for a whole 45 mins during the day on Saturday.  He was also completely off all foods and liquids - boy was it a mission to keep him hydrated, but I did it... We were also completely unable to get any pain relief into him at all, as his mouth was full of mouth ulcers and it hurt him too much to put anything in his mouth.  He also pretty much lost his voice which was hard to listen to as a parent :(

His rash became much more defined as his illness went on, and on Sunday afternoon I could take it no more, so took him back to the doctors.

His throat infection had now also become an ear infection, and he was put on antibiotics.  They also gave us Paracetamol suppositories which worked instantly, and as awful as it is to administor, it was so worth it to know that the pain was being taken away.

The rash is consistent with Strep Throat, which cam was swabbed for on Friday, but due to it being a long weekend, we will prob only get the results tomorrow. 

We managed to get him to sleep on both Saturday and Sunday night with a little help from Phenergan.  He slept on his couch in the lounge in front of the fire place, which was great for us, cause we could keep and eye on him, and great for him cause he stayed nice and cosy.  When we went to bed, we just bought him in with us.

Tonight he is once again asleep on his couch in front of the fire, but tonight he will be placed into his bed to sleep as he is much better already. 

This morning he woke up and it was like he was a different kid, still doesn't really have much of a voice left , but is much happier and even ate today.  We have to pin him down though to get any AB's into him, but it's worth it to see that they are so clearly working, and my baby boy is almost back to normal.

So that was our awfully long Queens Birthday Weekend.  Now I think I need a couple of days of work, just to recover from it lol

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