June 19, 2010

All things fancy...

As a volunteer for St John Youth, I am lucky enough to get invited to the Annual Mid Winter Christmas Dinner every year {I also organise it as part of my paid job but thats another story}.  The dinner is a great excuse to get all dressed up for, which, lets be honest, once you leave school, you don't get too many opportunities to "dress up". 

The dinner was last night, and was so much fun.  For the first time ever I wore makeup to a fancy dinner... and not only that, but I had my hair and make done proffessionally :)

With my friend Amanda

With my ever so gorgeous friend Aurelie {who is in NZ on a working holiday - wearing one of my old dresses that I no longer fit}

With the raffle prize I won :)

a rather wonky picture of my hair from the back :)

I had a great night out, and although I didn't drink much at all {1 glass of wine - unusual for me} I feel very jaded and blah today.  Might be an early night for me tonight :)


Kelly said...

Love the dress! Isn't it funny how much make-up changes the way you look? I probably would have walked right past you! Very beautiful and looks like a great night :)

Renee said...

You look gorgeous!! Love the hair - how nice to have it done professionally, a nice pamper for you :)

FaerySarah said...