June 05, 2010

My Spot Prize

A month ago, I was the lucky winner of a spot prize in Kelly from Reclaiming me's 100th post giveaway

I was pretty excited about it, but had a couple of occasions coming up where I would see Kelly in person, so she held onto it until such an occasion.  Well today was the day, I headed over to Kelly's to collect my tupperware that I purchased from the party she held.  To be honest, I had forgotten about the spot prize today, due to being distracted by a very sick Cammy, so was pretty elated to be given this on arrival:

I have made no secret of the fact, that I LOVE these bags that Kelly has made, so am very chuffed to now be the proud owner of one.  It is now full of all the gear that normally lives in a handbag and has replaced my cruddy old handbag... I can't wait to go out somewhere to show it off :)

Thanks so very much Kelly xx


Kelly said...

;) Your most welcome Leesh - I'm glad I brightened your day - I should probably make myself a bag now - I've just made a clutch and I love it! http://elijahsmum.blogspot.com/2010/06/gathered-clutch.html

Cadi said...

It is a beautiful bag. Congrats! :-)