February 19, 2011

Tupperware Must Go!

I have a Tupperware Cupboard - yes, a whole cupboard just for Tupperware... is that so wrong???

What about when the cupboard looks like this:
What about when the cupboard looks like that, AND there is Tupperware still in boxes from the house move 6mths ago...??

And as I try and sort this house out before baby arrives {nesting right??} I am seeing some sense... I have far too much Tupperware {among other things, but hey - one thing at a time right...?}  So... I'm selling it all off - well, not quite all, but heaps of it... call me insane, mad, crazy, loopy, whatever... I have too much... SO OUT IT GOES

1 comment:

Kahlia said...

How are you selling it? I am alway sin need of more Tupperware! Love your blog by the way!