December 07, 2011


Never heard of it? Well neither had I until Cam was diagnosed as having it...

What made the doctors test?  Well... back to the start we go... {Warning: TMI ahead}

Day 1-2 - Diarrhea - and lots of it...
Day 3 - more Diarrhea only today Cam is struggling to get to the loo... by this stage, it is falling out of his poor system with no warning... on one such occasion I noticed blood in his stools {and not just a little bit either}
So straight off to the doctors we go, with our soiled undies in a sealed bag for proof - doctors takes stool sample and sends it off, he is testing for Camplibacta and Giardia
Day 4-6 Still more Diarrhea
Day 6 Blood tests for lots of sinister things
Day 7 Still more Diarrhea

Through all this, he seems completely well in himself, except he hasn't eaten since Day 2

Day 7 - Doctor calls and heres how the conversation goes

Dr: I know whats wrong with Cam
Me: Oh, yay, I think
Dr: Nothing in his bloods, which is good, but is stool samples have returned a positive result for Cryptosporidium
Me: Cryptospor-what?
Dr: Exactly - I'd never heard of it till today either
Me: Bugger
Dr: It's a parasite
Me: Bugger
Dr: And it's a notifiable parasite
Me: Oh, Bugger, Bugger

you get my drift right lol

So we are now on day 11... and Cam still has diarrhea - he has some normal-ish BM's also, but always finishes off for the diarrhea

We have been back to the doctor today, still not allowed to return to daycare - he can not return until the parasite is gone, or the Ministry of Health gives us the all clear - whichever occurs first.  GRRRRRRRR

This is so frustrating for Cam and me... cause as I said above - he is still his normal obnoxious lovable self, he needs wants to go to daycare for him and me but he can't...

Today we managed to get a stool sample off to be tested... all I can say at this early stage, is that even though it was a relativly normal BM there is still blood :( so I'm not holding my breath that the result will be the one that we want

So, Daycare have couriered us a care box, with all the equipment needed to finish all the Christmas'y things that he would have made if he was there - bless them, they really do rock!


Renee said...

Wow - the Dr had never heard of it?!! Even I knew about it....but perhaps that's because I come from a farming background?

Fingers crossed he gets the all clear asap.

Time Flies said...

awww, hopefully he starts clearing up soon so he can go back to daycare...that was nice of them to send you a care parcel