December 23, 2011

Review: Be Natural Cereals

Imagine my suprise when I recieve an overly large package that I wasn't expecting, only to open it up and discover not 1, but 3 boxes of Be Natural Cereal AND 2 boxes of Trail Bars
Anyway as I was saying, 3 boxes of cereal, in 3 different flavours:
  • Pink Lady Apple & Flame Raisin
  • Cashew, Almond, Hazelnut & Coconut
  • 5 Whole Grain Flakes

So me and my lot have been plodding our way through the different flavours over the last couple of weeks, and here's what we have for you:

Pink Lady Apple & Flame Raisin
Reviewed by: Joshua {12yrs}

The flavours worked really well together and the flakes, fruit all taste great on their own as well.  The textures were very plesant as some rough, others smooth, and some crunchy.  The idea of Apple, Raisins and Flakes was very "Natural".  The only thing I didn't enjoy was the big raisin you put in and there were too many for my liking. 
Score: 8/10

Cashew, Almond, Hazelnut & Coconut
Reviewed by: Leesh {32yrs}

I have 3 letters only to describe this cereal. OMG!! it was like a taste expolosion in my mouth, I LOVED it.  The flavours worked so well together and every single mouthful was full of flavour.  I find it hard to find cereals, that I enjoy eating, and this one was good it's already on the shopping list for next week.
Score: 9/10

5 Flakes
Reviewed by: Joshua {12yrs}

The flakes taste great and they didn't need sugar on top of them.  The tasted better than plain old ordinary corn flakes.  I can't fault them, as they tasted just great!
Score: 9/10

And that concludes our "family" rewiew for Be Natural Cereals.  In short, we will definately purchase these cereals in our regular shops, as they went down a real treat for everyone :)

The Trail Bars unfortunately ended up being shipped up to the caravan last week by mistake, so will be reviewed over the Summer Holiday.

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