December 12, 2011

It's official....

There will be no more babies for us.

When we made the decision to try for Axel, we knew at that stage that he would be our last baby.  Then when he was born 9lb 1oz, it really cemented our decision.

So Ian went off and did the extremely noble thing by having a vasectomy.  Obviously we still need 2 clear tests before we can confidently say it worked, but we are on the right path to making sure we have no little surprises in the next few years :)

And then, to really make it all official, I have tonight sorted through all of my maternity clothes, taken the photos of everything, and am getting ready to list it all on Trade Me.  I have one friend who is planning on looking through it all, before I list, so have sent her all the photos and details tonight.

Next step - listing all the baby clothes...

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