November 16, 2011

Guest Review and Giveaway

As you all know - I use a different solids freezing and storage system.  BUT - I won one of these a few months back, and have been trying to figure out what to do with it, so I thought, If I could get someone else to write a review for the product, I could then give the one that I won away to a lucky reader. - so here you go.. my first ever guest review:
This review is bought to you by my friend Shelley.

I first used the Qubie when I won one in a giveaway on their facebook page. Other mum’s had used them and sworn by them, but didn’t think I could justify the price tag (RRP of $25) so was over the moon to be getting a free one. First thing I noticed was that the dividers are attached to the lid and that the lid was made from a flexible material.  I continued on regardless and made a batch of pureed pears for my baby.  I poured the mix into the base as per the instructions.  There is a handy ‘MAX’ fill line which prevents overfilling and therefore having spillage when putting the lid on the base.  During this process it was when I encountered my first problem with qubies, if you didn’t have a full batch to pour into the moulds, then you end up with the same number of cubes, but the size is reduced.  While it isn’t the biggest problem, it can cause inconsistent cube sizes.

Placing the lids on it easy, place it on at one end and then run it closed around the edges to meet at the other end. And that is it done J So into the freezer were issue #2 arises. They don’t stack perfectly inside themselves, well they wouldn’t for me. As they are full and sectioned already, the worst that could happen would be a 30 ml cube being freezing skewed slightly.

Once frozen, removing them is relatively easy. I remove them from the freezer and stand on the bench for a few mins before trying to remove the lid.  The Qubie needs a gentle twist before removing lid by holding each end and twisting opposite directions.  The lid comes of easily and the cubes are ready to pop into freezer bags.  Washing up is easy as they are dishwasher safe and wouldn’t take much in a sink of soapy water either


- Easy one pour fill
- Cubes are easy to get out
- No constant twisting and turning in order to remove the frozen cube

- If the tray isn’t full, the cubes won’t be the full 30 mls
- Can’t make a half tray
- Stacking issue, but still remain compact

Might I also add to this that if you head on over to qubies they have a whole heap of recipes online for you to try.

How to win:

Leave a comment below stating which recipe off the qubies website, you would like to try and make in your Qubie.

Extra Entries:

If you blog about this competition I will give you an extra entry.
If you FB or twitter about this competition I will give you an extra entry.

Fine Print:

max. 3 entries per person.
please comment and let me know if you have blogged, FB'd or Twitter'd about the comp.

Competion closes 5pm NZ time Wednesday 30th November.


Renee said...

Thanks for offering the giveaway, Leesh :D

I'd love to enter...and I think I'd try the Tuna, banana and avocado recipe....because it just sounds WEIRD and I'd have to try to to believe that it wasn't just a joke! Hahaha :D

Just away to twitter about it, too...and facebook it.

Bronwyn said...

What a great giveaway! I'm past needing one myself, but I have a little nephew due in March, and I'm sure my brother and SIL would get a lot of use out of this.

My favourite looking recipe is Dad's Family Beef Casserole - sounds yummy, so I'm going to try it on my family!

mealzrox88 said...

cool idea!
I'd try the Banana and Peach Sunshine recipe because it looks yum. And that way, if baby refuses to eat it (like Charli-Rose would do a lot) then I to eat it ;-)