November 11, 2011

Cammy Update

  • I have just turned 3yrs old
  • I love: Cars, Transformers and Toy Story toys - I also love the movies
  • I'm getting heaps better at sleeping, and will now sleep through the night 95% of the time, this makes mummy and daddy very happy
  • I suffer from hidious sinus infections which then distrupt all my sleeping patterns 
  • I can, however, fall asleep anywhere :)
  • I have a very active imagination, and often I'm not Cammy, but instead I am a great big T-Rex, or Optimus Prime, or a butterfly fairy even
  • Paris helps me heaps with my imaginitive play, and Josh helps me with things like building blocks, and train tracks - I'm lucky to have a big Sister and a big Brother
  • I love Axel very much, but I don't like him touching or even thinking about touching my toys. 
  • but I will give him blocks every now and again if it keeps him away from my other things
  • I love having baths
  • I go to swimming lessons on Mondays and am really starting to enjoy them 
  • Now that I am 3, I go to Kindy sessions at daycare 3 days a week, I love my friends at daycare, espeically my girlfriend Violet - she is cute x
Check out my Optimus Prime!

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