November 27, 2011

How does he keep doing that...?

Cam has been getting out of the back yard heaps lately, and it confuses the heck out of me... we have a simple hook and eye latch on the outside of the gate much like this one, but heaps bigger:

I keep thinking that maybe I had accidently left it unlocked after hanging out the washing, or getting lettuce from the vegie patch... Cam would be outside playing, then next minute he would just walk right in the front door.

The other day Ian caught him unlocking the gate and leaving the back yard, so I asked him to show me how he does it:

What do I do now???


Selena said...

Have you thought of putting the latch down lower, the adult with the shortest arm who needs to open it from the inside should reach down with a piece of chalk, make a mark and then you put it there

Time Flies said...

ah oh, what about a piece of wood over the front of the gate, covering up that bit he is climbing up