February 29, 2012

40 bags in 40 days

Day 8

Day 2 = bag of clothes from Paris's room
Day 3 = Maternity bra's that no longer fit
Day 4 = bag of baby clothes
All off to the clothing bin
Day 5 = bag of stuff we no longer need/want/use in the bathroom {into the bin it went}

Day 6 = Bag of bottles no longer needed since Cammy has finally stopped having them {more on that another day} {oh and they went to a clothing bin}
Day 7 = some food items out of the pantry that we will NEVER eat {dropped off to food collection bin at local Supermarket}
Day 8 = Another bag of stuff from the bathroom, but this time it's useful stuff that we need more at the caravan than at home {shampoo samples etc...}

Gosh Darn it feels good to be getting rid of stuff... the bags may not be big, and they may not be full each day, but I'm certaibly noticing the difference this is making to my home

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