February 17, 2012


  • Parents suck
  • unless you are the parent that she doesn't live with, then you may be exempt from sucking
  • rules suck
  • all of them
  • especially the ones about the amount of time one can't play on the iPod touch that the other {much cooler} parent bought her for christmas
  • Chores suck
  • but pocket money is expected. for nothing. always
  • school is ok
  • her teacher this year "is so cool, she even has the game sequence in the classroom"
  • even though the sucky parents bought sequence over the summer, doesn't make them cool
Ah yes... Parenting a pre-teen {or tween} is not always easy... but you just gotta love em right...?

1 comment:

Time Flies said...

so in her eyes everything sucks if its at home...lol