February 15, 2012

feeding time at the zoo


Cammy LOVED feeding the giraffe at the zoo last week.

Zoo trips are something we do alot of here... Last year Ian bought me a Friends of the Zoo Membership... it was the best $90 either of us have ever spent.  I take the boys to the zoo all. the. time.  Cammy loves is sooo much and Axel is just starting to get into it... and the added bonus, I spend a few hours walking round with the pushchair, which is great for my fitness and weight loss :)

Cammy's favourite Animals to see at the zoo are:
  • Giraffe
  • Elephant
  • Lions
  • Spiders {I know???}
  • Gibbon {it's a monkey}
  • Crocodiles {They are really aligators}
We do try and visit all the animals, but some days, I just take him to see the list above, then we head home, thats the real bonus of being a member... we can quite literally just come and go from the zoo as we please.


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Ms Oh Waily said...

It is completely the best spend of money. We had the pass for Miss OWW for the year before we moved south, and if I wasn't at the zoo once a week, it was a rare thing.
We did it here too, but it's not quite the same and we didn't use it as much.