February 09, 2012

Sleep Training

While we were at the the Caravan Axel's sleeping {or not sleeping} got worse and worse... in fact there were a few nights where he was waking at 2am and not going back to sleep till 4am...

One of my lovely caravan neighbours also has 4 kids, and she offered to help me "sleep train" the little bugger, and I accepted the offer...

I'm not a fan of the CIO* method, so opted for a blend of that and the Controlled Crying method... {I decided that I would go into him every 7 minutes to replace his dummy}

The first night we put him to bed awake, and left him to cry.. it took only 34 mins for him to go to sleep, and then he slept through WTF!! I couldn't believe it... Of course he hasn't slept through every night, but I certainly have stopped going to him during the night... his last feed is at bedtime, and I don't feed him again till 5am {his usual waking time}

Most nights he is sleeping through till about 4am, then grizzling for a bit, going back to sleep, waking at 5am, feeding, going back to bed, then waking for the day around 7.30am...

And me - I am feeling AMAZING

I only wish I had started the Sleep Training earlier {and that I had done it with Cammy}

* CIO = Cry It Out

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