November 07, 2011

Axel Update

  • I am now 7mths old.  My mum wants to know where the time has gone? She thinks it's gone far too quickly for her liking.
  • I can roll, commando crawl and sit up all by myself now
  • I love to play with my big brother Cammy {read: annoy him by destroying his block towers, playing with his toys, eating his jigsaw puzzles pieces etc etc}
  • Paris and Josh are heaps of fun, especially when they take me to play on the trampoline - oohh how I love playing on the tramp
  • I LOVE food... I eat 3 meals a day plus snacks, my favourite foods are avocado, pumpkin and zuchinni - this makes my mummy very happy
  • Breastmilk is still my drink of choice {and I've only biten mummy very hard once}
  • My reflux is still horrific, though I am pleased to say I lasted 10days off the meds before I became unable to sleep or eat due to pain {mummy, daddy and the doctors were happy with that effort}
  • I can say 3 words: Hi, Bubba and RAH {I actually RAH at you if you RAH at me}
  • After a tough couple of weeks, mummy and daddy have got me back into a good sleeping pattern at night, where I go to bed at 7.45pm, wake for a quick feed at 11pm then go back to bed till 5.30am, most days after that I go back to sleep for a little bit, but somedays I like to play :)
  • I can't sleep at all if I am not wrapped in my miracle blanket. I drive mum nuts cause sometimes I can escape my miracle blanket hehe
  • I am ALWAYS smiling


Kelly said...

He sounds so much like Jett (nephew) - we should get them together sometime and they can rah at each other - cracks me up when Jett does it - he doesn't cry, he growls!

Time Flies said...

WOW that time has gone fast, so cute Axel