August 28, 2011

Weekly Exercise

Week 4

This week has been an amazing week for me and my exercising... I'm actually very proud of myself.

  • Monday - 45min walk around local streets {DB}
  • Tuesday - 32mins Wii Fit Biggest Looser Game
  • Wednesday - 1hr 30min walk around One Tree Hill {DB}
  • Friday - 1hr 30min walk around One Tree Hill {DB}
  • Saturday Part 1 - 20min walk before Paris Hockey game {SB}
  • Saturday Part 2 - 40min walk to Josh's Soccer Game {DB}
  • Saturday Part 3 - 40min walk home from Josh's Soccer Game {DB}
See - Told you I'd had a great week :)

I also have joined up with My Fitness Pal and that is awesome, I enter what I have eaten and what exercise I have done, and it basically lets me monitor my calorie intake and my weight loss.

No weigh in this week, will do so next week :)

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