August 03, 2011

I'm Back...

my computer is fixed... thanks heaps to my mates hubby :) it's running so much better... it appears my windows explorer was corupt

I have set myself a few goals over the last few days....

  • lose 5kgs in 6 weeks
  • exercise 4 days every week
  • spend less time online
  • bake more
  • spend more time with my kids
so far so good {watch this space for some of my creations}... I baked mini quiches for the kids lunch boxes on Sunday night, as well as my first ever bacon and egg pie {made with chicken rashers, not bacon as I don't eat pork products}, chocolate weetbix slice and blueberry muffins - my kids think all their christmas's have come at once... :)

Also today is day 3 of the exercise goal, and I have so far exercised all 3 days :)

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