August 05, 2011

Tough Love

All my babies have always fallen asleep in my arms or on the breast and been transferred into their beds... Well Axel is no different... except that he often wakes when I put him down into his bed... so the last few days I have been getting him to self settle for his afternoon sleeps... with success that I NEVER had with Paris and Cam.

  • Tuesday - talked to himself 5mins, cried 5mins, talked to himself 3mins, screamed 2mins, slept 1 1/2hr
  • Wednesday - talked to himself 5 mins, cried 5mins, slept 1 1/2hr
  • Thursday - talked to himself 4mins, cried 3mins, screamed 2mins, slept 2hrs before I had to wake him to collect Cam from Daycare
  • Friday {today} - talked to himself 5mins, screamed 2mins, and has now been asleep for 1hr and counting.... long may this continue
I am not tackling the morning sleep at all, as we are often out and about at the park, doing daycare drop off, walking with friends etc etc... he sleeps very well in the pushchair and carseat so the morning sleeps are never a problem :)

And same with bedtime... he falls asleep on me, I pop him into bed, and he doesn't wake again for several hours...

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Michelle said...

I did the same with Pete, but now that he's nearly 4 he says 'mumma I want to go to bed now' :D I miss having having him fall asleep on me, special times!