April 23, 2012

Planning a Wedding...

is sooo much easier than I thought it would be...

In one hit last week, I hired, the marquee incl sides and wedding drapes, the wedding arch, tables, chairs, keg taps.  And all $1,000 under budget too :)

My dress is all sorted, and I am so very excited about that... My first fitting is in October, and thats sooooo long away, I want to keep looking at my dress lol

Flowers have been sorted, as has the hair and makeup... and of course, I am making my own cake.  Invites are part way finished

on the list of still to do we have:

  • find a celebrant
  • get marriage license
  • arrange catering {this is half done}
I feel so very in control... but can't help wondering if it's too easy...

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