April 15, 2012

Half a Half

today I walked half a half - for those that are unsure, that is 10.5kms {half of a half marathon}.

I entered for this walk in december and have been walking a couple of times a week since {usually with either the single or double buggy}.  I have NEVER actually walked 10.5kms before though {8.3kms was my previous max}

So after a night of no sleep {thanks Axel for waking every hour} I crept out of bed at 5.30am and left the house at 6am.  Picked my mate up at 6.30am and we were in Orewa by 7am for a 8.20am start {yeah there is no traffic that early in the morning lol}

Anyway, we walked this walk... and it was awesome! part on the beach, part on a track, part on the road, lots of uphills, and just as many downhills, with the right amount of flat walking thrown in there also.

The best part... we completed it... and we weren't last {in fact we were middle of the pack}... and we did it 1hr 50mins

Next we plan on running the half a half, and in 2014 we plan to run the half :)

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