December 19, 2010

Goodbye Primary School

Well Friday marked the official end of Primary for Paris and Josh.  Off they went to school, with gifts for their teachers and x-mas cards for their mates.

They informed me on the way to school, that it was "signing day" at school.  I enquired as to what "signing day" was and was promptly told "it's the day we sign each others shirts of course"... well of course - why didn't I know that?? I really didn't want them participating in "signing day" when I could get perfectly good money, for selling their perfectly good second hand uniform items... but alais, who am I to mess with apparently "ancient tradition" haha

School finished at 12.30 and they both headed off to their best mates houses for an afternoon of fun.  I'm not sure it's dawned on them just how different next year is going to be for them...

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mealzrox88 said...

I loved that 'tradition'! I still have my signed shirts :-)