December 18, 2010

Proud Moment

Wednesday was Paris and Josh's Primary School Year 6 Graduation. I went along, proud as punch to be watching both Paris and Josh graduate {as I think any parent would be}
It was so awesome watching them go up on stage to collect their Graduation Certificate along with the rest of their classmates.  And they looked so nice too all dressed up in their Sunday Best.

What I was not expecting was to hear my baby girls name called out during the awards presentation. Out of 6 kids nominated for the 2010 Attitude and Effort Cup, Paris won!!!  I was soooo shocked, and proud, and close to tears all at once {luckily I held the tears in}.  I know that Paris does have an awesome attitude at school, and always gives 110% in everything she does.  I also know that she is well liked and respected by teachers and students alike, but I never in a million years expected this :)

Well done Paris, I'm so very Proud of you xx

And here are some pictures

Paris with her trophy and medal

Josh looking very swish

The two of them together

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