June 21, 2011

Family Fun Day

On Sunday just been, we decided we wanted to do something different with the kids... My sister wanted to join us also, as she was gonna be stuck at home with my niece for the day... and it was a pretty miserable day...

We decided that a train ride into the city for lunch would be fun :)

Followed by a walk up Queen Street {Well - some of us walked}

Then we had a lovely, delicious lunch at Rebo, Sky City {sorry no lunch pictures}

Let the kids have a play on this thing outside the ASB building in Town

There are no photos of the Walk back down Queen St to get the train station, but I can tell you that we ran the last 3mins as I looked at my watch and realised the train was due to depart in 4mins haha

But we made it:

We had such a GREAT day!

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