October 29, 2012

Vintage Lollies

I need some ideas on Vintage style lollies...  So far I have

Coconut Ice

Blue Swirl Rock Candy
Fruit Berries 100 for $10.00
Fruit berries
CRAZY Candies 1Kg Standard Jelly Beans (Pascalls)
jelly beans...

I need 2-3 more different lolly types... ideas please people

October 22, 2012

Labour Weekend

hehe if I was pregnant {which I am most definately not} then that title would be a good one for making people think they would be reading about a new baby...

BUT no... I"m writing about the Long Weekend known as Labour weekend...

It was awesome... headed up to the caravan {surprise surprise} on Saturday morning... Ian was working all day sat, so me and my mum on our own put the awning up... just the two of us... perfectly... better than the awning has ever been {and yes, the men in out lives told us the same thing}, however, it was hard work... and if Ian thinks he is gonna get out of it again next year, he can think again... lol

The weather was awesome... nothing like what they had here in Auckland... we had one rainfall... and it was in the middle of the night...

So, all in all a great weekend had by all..

hope you all enjoyed your Labour Weekend also :)

October 18, 2012

following on from the last post...

and here is a picture of the two cakes Cammy had for his 4th Bithday this year

Daycare Cake

Inside of Daycare Cake

Party Cake

October 17, 2012

Can't believe he is 4 already...

Cam turned 4 a couple of weeks ago.  I can hardly believe that it has been 4 yrs already since I first held him in my arms and kissed his chubby cheeks! 

The great thing about 4 yr olds, is they tell you what sort of birthday party they want, and Cam is no exception to the rule... and so... we had a Pirate Party

It was a whole heap of fun...we had a game of pass the parcel and a piniata... all the kids had a blast... and as usual Cam got spoilt rotten xx